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Wisps of pain
Card Wisps-of-Pain.jpg
Level 1
Health 11
Attack ?
Defence 5
Body ?
Mind ?
Spirit ?
Size tiny
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level

The wisps of pain are a level 1 rogue that can drain your

stats. They grant the power of the wisps.

"Dark spots of necromantic magic move through the air They deal pain and torment, and can permanently cripple anyone foolish enough to oppose them."



The wisps attack with necromantic magic, which deals 1d0 damage and parries at -2. They are hard to damage, granting them 5 resistance to damage. The wisps occasionally spend a turn waiting, and do not defend themselves actively.


The wisps will throw out a wave of tormenting energy, breaking your concentration. Frequently, this will be used as a reaction to an attack.


As a primary attack, the wisps will launch at you and deal a permanent point of damage to your body, mind or spirit.


  • The launch seems impossible to evade or interrupt under normal conditions. Bring a beefy weapon and kill them fairly quickly.
  • Lacking a primary damaging attack, it is safe to either run past or retreat from them.