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Level Probably Below Yours
Health I wish
Attack 0
Defence The testimony... contradicts the evidence!
Body Needs better posture
Mind Distracted
Spirit Obliterated
Size medium
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level

Hello! I'm just a college student who occasionally spends time they don't have editing a wiki they hope someone else will find useful one day!

Every so often, I find myself playing this game a bunch (when I can) over a period of time, before moving on to other things, and then coming back again. I like a lot of the ideas in Kerkerkruip, and I may even try to contribute to the game some day! That is, after this wiki is more complete.... and I have more free time on my hands... if they'll still be taking contributions................

I hope whoever's reading this is having an awesome day! :D

My favorite pages[]

Because the site suggested I put something here

Related but outside the wiki itself:[]

  • The github page
    • It's a great resource if you want to know something not on the wiki, or want to add information to the wiki and want to ensure its accuracy. I highly recommend looking through it if you're making/editing a page here, it has a lot of details that would be more difficult to find if you were just searching in-game!

Kerkerkruip Favorites[]

  • Starting Kit: Pickaxe Kit (probably)!
    • As fun as the risk of plotting around the enemy positions is, it's nice to be able to go wherever I want and face the rogues in an order of my choosing on occasion!
  • Rogue: (See Power)
  • Power: Power Of The Mindslug
    • It's fun to try to rush the Mindslug early on when I know they're in the dungeon, then use their power to build up an army!
      • However, this isn't exactly the safest of strategies...
    • I also find the Power of the Reaper to be rather interesting!
  • Item: Undecided, but the Pickaxe is one of the more fun ones I've been able to use.
    • I also find it great for being able to pick-and-choose the order I fight the enemy rogues in, and gathering all the items in enemy-less rooms before engaging in combat.
  • Location: Workshop of the Blademaster
    • It's fun to "put [item] into the forge"! Whether it be to heat up a weapon, accidentally melt said weapon after forgetting that it's silver, or burning items that I don't want (such as deathly scrolls when I'm worshipping Sul), putting something into the fire always seems like a good idea! the time, anyway!
  • Extra Scenery: Undecided, but the Statue of Shards is probably the one I'm most familiar with.
  • God: Undecided. They're usually only good for throwing away powers I'm about to lose/don't need anyway.

Other places you can find me[]

...and many other places, often with the same username and pfp!