Kerkerkruip Wiki

The Drawing Room is an initially boring room that contains a supernatural image.

This otherwise unremarkable room has been decorated with a fascinating drawing.


No special effects on combat.


  • habitable (rogues may start off here)
  • treasurable (treasures may be found here)
  • Needs spading

Found in Drawing Room[]

  • A fascinating drawing, which may be examined for information on rogues existing in the dungeon. It will normally appear as: The artist has skillfully drawn a battle scene involving (here, it will list all living rogues in the dungeon, as well as you.) In the background, Malygris rises triumphant over all. You could further examine the individual creatures, if you wanted to.
  • If the Nameless Horror exists, it will instead say: [...]In the background, Malygris rises triumphant over all - unless the huge shadow in the background is a creature threatening to consume even him.


The drawing can be used to gain information on what's in the dungeon, allowing you to plan your run well in advance of encountering any enemies. It can also warn of the presence of the Eternal Prison.