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The Temple of Nomos is a temple, containing the Statue of Nomos.

This exactly elliptical room is dominated by a towering statue of Nomos, built out of harsh geometrical forms.


Anyone with the favor of Nomos gains (Nomos temple benefit here)

As in any temple, sacrifices made here will increase your favour with Nomos.


  • placeable, connectable (standard for rooms in the dungeon)
  • not connection-inviting (may have fewer connections to neighboring rooms)
  • habitable (rogues may start out here)
  • treasurable (treasure may be found here)
  • extra-accepting (extra scenery may be placed here)
  • vp-agnostic (may be placed anywhere vertically)
  • Mood:Religious
  • ...Probably. Temples have similar properties, right?

Found in the Temple of Nomos[]


See Nomos strategies for worshipping Nomos.

See Statue of Nomos strategies for the dangers and benefits of profaning Nomos' statue.

Item granting favor bonus in Nomos temple?