Sul is the god of blessings and purification. Worshipping her can grant you protection from good and evil.

Worshipping SulEdit

To worship Sul, you must not be worshipping any other god, and you must sacrifice a power in the Temple of Sul.

Sul's behaviors go here.

Favour EffectsEdit

  • At 1 favour: Sul grants you knowledge of deathly magic (scrolls go here), protection from angelic radiance, and protection from curses (cursed items can be removed at-will).
  • At 3 favour: +1 level of Radiance, Undead Slayer status (+2 attack and damage against undead)
  • At 6 favour: Demon Slayer status (+2 attack and damage against demons), wielded weapon blessed (+damage die size, +1 attack, permanently on fire)
  • At 9 favour: Addictions cured (eg. ment), +2 levels of Radiance


Attempting to worship Sul while a ghoul is bad for your health.


Sul's intervention takes the shape of 100% damage reduction against an attack, similar to a Scroll of Protection.


If your wielded weapon at six favor is wooden, the holy flames of Sul will consume it utterly.