Kerkerkruip Wiki

The Statue of shards is an iron alchemical fixed in place extra thing. It's a piece of scenery that can appear in a random room that has a chance to explode when the player is in the same room as it.

It looks like some insane alchemist's practical joke.

When the Statue of shards is in a room, looking at the room will have a line display that reads: A weird statue made of metal shards stands in one of the corners. It is ugly and slightly menacing.

When the statue of shards is created while the dungeon is being generated, has a 1 in 2 chance of being unstable. If it is, every turn that the player is in the same room as it, it has a 1 in 25 chance to explode, causing fragmentation to fly out. This, in turn, deals 2-5 damage to all living rogues in the room.


It might be best to avoid staying in a room with the Statue of shards if possible, especially if your current health is less than 5. It only activates if you are in the room, which makes avoiding the damage difficult. It might be helpful if there are enemies in the room with less than 5 health remaining and you have more than 5 health remaining, but even then, the unpredictability of the statue severely limits the viability of this strategy.