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The Statue of Nomos always starts out in the Temple of Nomos. Like other statues, it can be destroyed, with risks and benefits.

While neither cruel nor evil, Nature as Law is the most uncaring and least merciful of all gods. His dictates are obeyed, not out of fear, but out of necessity. Praying to Nomos can be beneficial - if you are willing to submit to his commands.

Destroying the Statue[]

For aeons, warmth and coldness, air and water, and whatever internal tensions there were have wrought their slow changes on the atomic structure of the statue of Nomos. This is the exact moment when the critical limit is reached, and as you hit the statue, Nomos' massive marble body breaks apart and surrenders itself to the laws of gravity.

If you worship a god other than Nomos, they will give you a bonus of 1 favour if you destroy Nomos' statue,

If you worship Nomos, don't destroy his statue. Any time you destroy your own god's statue, you will die immediately. The final message you'll see is: You attempt to jump aside, but one of Nomos' fists falls right on top of you, crushing you into a pile of unidentifiable goo.

After destroying the statue, Nomos will curse you to die in a given number of turns! (A random amount between 70 and 100 turns). You will know how much time you have, as the game will will display the message: The booming voice of Nomos fills the temple. 'You will be punished, puny mortal! In exactly [turns until death] turns, you will die.

If you don't win the game by the time the amount of turns specified has passed, you will lose the game. The following displays as you get a game over:

From the beginning of time, all the Universe's constituent particles have traced their preordained paths, to arrive at their present constellation -- a rare constellation in which all the thermal energy of your body is suddenly transferred to the air and dissipates. Your blood freezes, and you die.

The last thing you hear is booming but mirthless laughter

Other Actions[]

Climbing the statue of Nomos will not work, as It is far too smooth for you to climb.


If you worship anyone (or worship Nomos), destroying the statue is detrimental and gives you no real advantages, making it pointless.

Destroying the statue starts a countdown to your death, but if you're close to ending the run (or expect to beat the game in less than 70 turns) it's an easy way to get an extra piety/favour point with the god you worship without sacrificing a power.