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The Statue of Aite always starts out in the Temple of Aite. Like other statues, it can be destroyed, with risks and benefits.

A vast statue made of razor sharp weapons. The goddess of chaos and destruction is a dangerous one to worship -- but it can be worth it.

Destroying the Statue[]

If you worship a god other than Aite, they will give you a bonus of 1 favour if you destroy Aite's statue. But Aite will punish you by giving your enemies a permanent +2 attack bonus.

If you worship Aite, don't destroy her statue! Any time you destroy your own god's statue, you will die immediately.

Other Actions[]

Climbing the statue of Aite will cause you to take 3 damage.


The Statue of Aite is a risky one to profane. The statues of Nomos and Sul can be more advantageous when smashed at the right time - their punishments have a more limited effect. But if you don't care that your enemies might be hitting you a lot more, go ahead.

It can be hard to tell what destroying Aite's statue actually does, because the attack bonus given to your enemies is permanent and does not show as a modifier. Aren't you glad it's on this page?