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Stats determine the properties of whatever they apply to. Both items and rogues have stats.

Rogue Stats[]

These stats apply to all rogues in in the dungeon, including the player. The player's stats can be increased if they equip/use certain items or if they kill leveled rogues. These stats include:

  • Level - Among other things, can be used as a general indicator of how strong a rogue is (assuming it isn't levelless). See the Rogues page for more in-depth details on levels.
  • Health - Determines the amount of damage the rogue can take before dying. If the player's health drops to 0, they lose the game. If the player kills a leveled rogue, their health is restored. When it's restored, it's set to a value based on the powers they have (Powers generally grant 5 times their level in health, though there is some variation.) This also means that the player can lose health when it gets 'restored' in this way, if the powers they lose give more health in total than the power they gain.
  • Attack - Increases the chance for the rogue to hit another rogue when attacking them. This number is added to a random die roll and any other bonuses the rogue receives to attack. The rogue that's being attacked can dodge or parry to decrease this number. Other factors can impact the result as well, such environmental elements. If the total overcomes the defending rogue's defense stat, the attack is successful.
  • Defence - When a rogue is being attacked, if an attacking rogue's total attack value can not reach this number or higher, the attack misses.
  • Body - A measure of physical strength and agility. Whenever the rogue is attacked, they have a  body * 2% chance of receiving a +3 defence bonus.
  • Mind - A measure of intelligence and willpower. Whenever damage is dealt to the rogue, each  point of mind increases their chance of remaining concentrated by 2%.
  • Spirit - Measures how attuned the rogue is to magic and the souls of others. Every point of spirit gives the player a 2.5% chance of receiving an intiative bonus on any combat turn.
  • Size - How large and/or small the rogue is. Not numeric. (Example: "medium")

In addition to what's listed above, the section for 'Body, Mind, and Spirit' under the guide from the "Help" command states: "Truly exceptional feats are only possible for those who balance body, mind and spirit. Whenever a random number is rolled for an attack or a faculty check, your chance of rolling 20 is a percentage equal to the lowest of your three faculties."

Item Stats[]

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