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Rogues are the people and other beings the player can encounter in the dungeon of Kerkerkruip. The most important characteristic of a rogue is its level, so that's how they are sorted in this article.

Level 1

Level 2

  • Demon of rage

Level 3

  • Mindslug (who is accompanied by Fafhrd and Mouser)
  • Minotaur

Level 4

  • Bodmall
  • Fanatics of Aite: defender of Aite, healer of Aite, tormentor of Aite
  • Israfel (who can split into Isra and Fell)

Level 5

  • Malygris



  • Abyss of the soul
  • Aswang
  • Mummified priest
  • Rotting corpse


  • Demonic mistress
  • Fafhrd
  • Mouser