Card Reaper
Level 2
Health 26
Attack 1
Defence 8
Body 6
Mind 5
Spirit 7
Size medium
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level

The Reaper is a level 2 rogue. He carries a large scythe and will follow the player around the dungeon if they run from him. It grants the power of the Reaper.

A pale man in dark robes, wielding a huge scythe, stands here. It is the Reaper, a serial killer who believes he is Death himself.



The Reaper will attack using their scythe. Their scythe can be either a Scythe of Flaming, a Scythe Of Oxidation, or a different scythe.

  • Damage: 1d10
  • Attack Modifier: -2 to hit
  • Dodgability: +1 when dodging against it.
  • Parrying: -1 when parrying against it


  • They tend to try to concentrate fully before attacking for the first time, so hitting them when they are quite concentrated is advantageous.
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