Kerkerkruip Wiki

The Portal Room is a room that contains a mysterious portal.

A huge magical portal dominates the room.


None, unless the player attempts to enter the portal.


  • connectable (Additional connections can be made when the dungeon is in the last stage of being generated, and digging is allowed.)
  • not connection-inviting (This room will not have all possible connections made automatically.)
  • placeable (Part of the normal dungeon.)
  • habitable (rogues can start out here.)
  • treasurable (Items can start out here.)
  • vp-agnostic (Can be placed at any vertical level.)
  • extra-accepting (Can have extra scenery.)
  • Mood: magical

Commonly found in Portal Room[]

  • The huge magical portal - "You can enter this portal -- but who knows where you will be getting out?"
    • Using the huge magical portal teleports the player to a random location, and has a 1 in 4 chance of replacing the huge magical portal with the huge empty portal.
      • The huge empty portal - "The magical field gone, the portal now seems pretty useless."
        • Attempting to use the huge empty portal will do nothing - "The magical field has dissipated, and the portal is now useless."


If there's a dimensional anchor in the room, it'd probably be a good idea to put it elsewhere before trying to use the portal, in case the teleportation fails and the portal is emptied.

Using the portal is risky (as is any random teleportation in Kerkerkruip), but it can be useful in some situations. The portal might take you somewhere you haven't explored before, though it likely wont take you anywhere secret, as there are some rooms that can't be teleported to. The portal could also be used to put distance between yourself and something that's chasing you, as they wont be able to follow through it.