Nameless Horror
Picture unavailable - Cognitohazard
Level 10
Health 800
Attack 50
Defence 7
Body  ?
Mind  ?
Spirit  ?
Size gargantuan
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level
The Nameless Horror is a level 10 rogue who you probably shouldn't have woken up.

"A vast dark mass sprouting teeth and claws at random - you cannot force yourself to look at it."



It attacks using countless teeth and claws: 1d50+0 damage, -2 parrying with, -2 parrying against. It typically does not bother defending itself. It pursues you if you retreat.


  • Don't dig into the Eternal Prison. If you know where the Eternal Prison is, leave it alone. If you don't know where it is, oh well!
  • No, none of those stats are typos.
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