Card Miranda
Level 1
Health 14
Attack 0
Defence 7
Body 5
Mind 7
Spirit 5
Size medium
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level
Miranda is a level 1 rogue who can stun her enemies. She grants the power of Miranda.

"A stunning young woman in a simple monk's robe awaits you."



Miranda usually attacks using the pair of nunchucks. She wears the monk's robe.


When attacking a non-stunned enemy, Miranda will always attempt to stun her target.

Shuriken Edit

Occasionally, Miranda will toss a shuriken at you in an attempt to interrupt your attack. This requires a Body check to avoid. Success evades the shuriken, while a failure incurs small damage and the normal chance to lose Concentration with damage.


  • Since being stunned gives you faculty and combat penalties, it is even more important than usual not to get hit -- though one cannot always avoid this. Otherwise, you need no special tactics to defeat Miranda.
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