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Carefully folded in paper, this is just enough ment to get you pumped up for combat. You could snort it whenever you wish – though you are a little hesitant to start your habit again.

From the guide brought up under the 'help' command:

You start the game with three packages of ment, a powerful but highly addictive drug. When you snort ment for the first time, you will receive a +1 attack bonus, a +1 damage bonus, a +1 defence bonus, +1 damage reduction, and a +1 bonus on any attribute checks. The second time you snort ment, your body has become more attuned to the drug, and these bonuses increase to +2; and the third time, they increase to +3. This is a huge bonus. However, your body also becomes dependent on ment, and once its effects wear off you are left with a permanent penalty equal to the bonus you just got. You can get a temporary reprieve by snorting more ment – but you only have three packages, and can never get more. On the one hand, you should make sure that you are not left with a -3 penalty, no more ment, and a Malygris who is still in good shape. On the other hand, ment can allow you to win fights you could not otherwise win. Using this dangerous resource carefully is one of the keys to success in Kerkerkruip.