Kerkerkruip Wiki
Jumping Bomb
Level 2
Health 17
Attack 2
Defence 8
Body ?
Mind ?
Spirit ?
Size small
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level

The jumping bomb is a level 2 rogue who can inflict instant death. It grants the power of power of the bomb.

"Connoisseurs consider these jumping balls of red meat to be among the most exciting spectacles of Yahvinna's annual Feast of Flesh. To the slaves and convicts down in the arena, whose limbs the spectators hope to have blown into their lap, the jumping bombs also bring excitement, though of a wholly different type."



The jumping bomb attacks with its detonating surface: it deals 1d3+0 damage in addition to instant death on the second contact, has -2 parrying with, -3 parrying against, and +1 dodging against. It typically defends by dodging.


  • If you have no hope of avoiding the first attack, parry - it will count as a success, and grant +1 offensive flow.