Every game of Kerkerkruip starts out in the Entrance Hall.

The vast entrance hall is empty, silent, foreboding. Skull-sized rubies project a red light far too bright for the eyes of a human.


The entrance hall is flooded with bright light, which makes it difficult for attackers with eyes to see. The lights impose a penalty on all attacks by people who are not blind. The penalty interacts with smoke: If the smoke gives a penalty of 2 or more, the lights have no effect. Otherwise, the lights increase the total visual penalty to 2.


  • not habitable (no rogues start out here)
  • placeable, connectable, and connection-inviting (part of the normal dungeon)
  • vp-agnostic (can be placed at any vertical level)
  • treasurable (can contain treasures)
  • extra-accepting (can have extra scenery)
  • Mood: civilised

Commonly found in Entrance HallEdit

  • No monsters
  • Bright lights


Although no rogues ever start out here, you may often find yourself fighting in the Entrance Hall. Most commonly, this happens when the Reaper follows you, or sometimes the Ravenous armadillo wanders in. Remember that you will have a disadvantage against eyeless creatures like the jumping bomb and the Chain golem, and flash grenades will do little to hinder anyone.

Because of the attack penalty, the Entrance Hall can give a slight advantage to someone with a better chance of hitting, or who would be vulnerable to being hit frequently and losing concentration.

The bright lights do not affect hiding.

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