Chain golem
Card Chain-Golem
Level 2
Health 26
Attack 1
Defence 8
Body 7
Mind 4
Spirit 7
Size large
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level

The chain golem is a level 2 rogue. When attacked, it can damage the attacker and break their concentration. It grants the power of the chains.

Hulking in the centre of the room is a chain golem, a moving mass of iron and copper chains, both thick and thin.




The chain golem attacks using lashing chains:

  • Damage: 1d2 + 0
  • Dodge bonus: 0
  • Parry-against bonus: 0
  • Parry-with bonus: 1
  • Ranged


As the chain golem gains concentration, it spins faster. When attacking the chain golem, the attacker must roll a body check against (the chain golem's concentration + 6 or 7). If the roll fails, the spinning chains do (the chain golem's concentration * 2) physical damage, which will break the attacker's concentration if it is not reduced to 0.

Spinning also increases the chain golem's attack damage beyond the normal concentration bonus. The additional damage is also equal to double the chain golem's concentration.


Having a good body score is a big bonus against the chain golem. If you get hit by the chains and lose concentration every time you attack, your chances of hitting and doing damage are seriously reduced.

The chain golem almost always waits until it is maximally concentrated to attack.

Since the chain golem is made of iron, it is affected by rust and the unguentum argenti.

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