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The Bridge of Doom is a room that provides great excitement to combatants.

You stand on an exceedingly narrow bridge crossing a seething lake of lava. Dodging would be suicidal.


Attempting a successful dodge will very likely warn you that doing so again will fling you into lava. Doing so again flings you into lava. Rolls may be performed normally. Enemies will wisely refuse to dodge here. Struck combatants must occasionally make a Body check against (TARGET?) or else fall off the bridge to their doom.


  • Can't be tunneled underneath.
  • habitable (rogues may start out here)
  • treasurable, extras? (treasure may be found here)
  • Needs spading

Found in the Bridge of Doom[]

  • A bridge
  • An irresponsible amount of lava


Obviously, the lack of ability to dodge will greatly affect your strategy for dealing with any rogues who may pass through this area. Oversized or pointed weapons that are otherwise easy to dodge will provide an advantage, while adventurers without a shield or decent parrying weapon will be sad.