Kerkerkruip Wiki

The boots of the war dance are a category? magic? article of clothing, worn on the feet.

These graceful boots, supposedly made by the master of Algir, will grant you impeccable footwork in combat. (They will give you a +1 bonus to dodging.)

When cursed, the boots will instead be the boots of wandering.

These graceful boots were supposed to grant their wearer impeccable footwork in combat. Unfortunately, when a prince of Algir wore these boots in the War of the Woods, they were cursed by a dying druid. They are now exceedingly unsafe.

In effect, these boots will randomly (chance?) interrupt any action you take, including zero-time actions such as looking, and attempt to make you wander off in a random direction.


Given that the cursed version of these boots has a terrible downside and no apparent upside, use caution when donning them.