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Card Armadillo.jpg
Level 1
Health 12
Attack 0
Defence 6
Body 6
Mind 4
Spirit 6
Size medium
Note that these statistics depend on the difficulty level

The Ravenous Armadillo is a Level 1 rogue. It is hard to damage, and it wanders around dungeon eating items that it finds. It grants the power of the armadillo.



  • Other: not talker, thrower, tough scales reduce damage to the armadillo by 4 points

Bony Tail Club[]

The armadillo attacks using its natural weapon, its bony tail club.

  • Damage: 1d4
  • Dodge bonus: 1
  • Parry-against bonus: -1
  • Parry-with bonus: 1


Sometimes the armadillo with sniff along the ground looking for food. If it finds something, it will eat it, and that item will stay in the armadillo's stomach.

The armadillo wanders around the dungeon on its own. There is a 1 in 20 chance every turn that it will move from one room to another. There is a 1 in 5 chance each turn that the armadillo will eat an available item when you can't see it. If this happens, you will hear a "crunching noise" from the direction of the armadillo.

Every turn, items in the armadillo's stomach have a random probability of corroding. A corroded weapon becomes weaker, and other corroded items are destroyed completely. When the armadillo dies, any items remaining in its stomach will be left in the room where it died.


The armadillo is one of the easiest opponents in the game, but if you wait too long before killing it, you may lose some nice items. If you hear a crunching noise, it might be worth going to investigate.

It's hard to damage the armadillo, but the armadillo is slow and easy to dodge, so you can usually reach maximum concentration before attacking.