The Arcane Vault is a normally uninhabited room that holds a magical tome.

An oppressive silence pervades the marble hall, as if all earthly sounds are smothered by the alien force of magic. For magic is strong here, and seems to be radiating outward from a crystal pedestal in the middle of the room.


No special effects on combat.


  • Rarity: 4
  • placeable, connectable, teleportable (can be part of the main dungeon)
  • not connection-inviting (may have fewer access routes)
  • secretly placeable (may sometimes be an unconnected secret room)
  • not habitable (no rogues start here)
  • not treasurable, not extra-accepting (no treasures or extra scenery start here)
  • vp-agnostic (may be placed on any vertical level of the dungeon)
  • Mood:Magical

Found in Arcane VaultEdit

  • A crystal pedestal, which holds a tome that may be read but not taken normally


Tomes have dramatic effects, which often affect the dungeon as a whole. It can be fun to try them out without knowing what they do, but be prepared to completely change your strategy. It might be safer to wait until you are nearing victory before you read a tome.

Also see strategy for each individual tome.

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